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A breeding monk seal habitat in Kuşadası under habitat destruction threat

In 2014, SAD-AFAG had been reported by its Kuşadası Representative that a newly constructed hotel just behind the Botanic Park coasts in Kuşadası was constructing a road and a huge lift for accessing to the rocky shore.


Hi to all sea lovers,

Lets  talk about a popular issue in terms of nature conservation that is not widely discussed. We are in the high season and diving season already started. Diving, whether for sports or entertainment or scientific purposes, become very popular nowadays. Of course, when performing this activity we intervene nature and have an interaction with other living creatures. As being conscious about nature ethics, outdoor sportsman, researcher or tourist; we should understand and be aware of this fact default. The responsibility for protection of Mediterranean monk seal and other endangered marine species in Türkiye do not belong only to us but also world, it is certainly a universal matter. How lucky we are that this rare marine mammal lives and breeds  in our country’s territorial waters and coasts.

Marmara sea southern coasts survey completed

Marmara Sea is a unique area in the world surrounded by the lands of only one country. It is  a sea with its unique marine and coastal biodiversity, long sandy beaches and dunes, coastal deltas and rocky coasts & cliffs and still undiscovered values. Marmara Sea is also under a huge human use pressure.

Two pups released on the coast between Anamur and Gazipaşa, Cilicia, Mersin

In cooperation with Turkish Ministry of Environment & Forestry and Coast Guard and SAD-AFAG, two monk seal pups have been released along the coast between Anamur and Gazipaşa, southern Türkiye, one of the most suitable monk seal habitats in the country in 2nd April 2011.

Monk seal pups to be released

After having a rehab period of total 105 days, i.e. 3,5 months, two monk seal pups to be released on 2nd April 2011 along the pristine and remote coasts between Gazipaşa (Antalya) and Anamur (Mersin). The release area is among the twelve Important Monk Seal Sites in Türkiye as agreed by National Monk Seal Committee Members coordinated by Turkish Ministry of Environment & Forest. The release shall be participated by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Izmir Province Directorate of Env & Forest, Turkish Coast Guard and SAD-AFAG.