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Gökova ICMM Project, Coastal Areas Management Planning and Zone Classification Meeting Held


The meeting entitled “Gökova ICMM Project Management Planning” was held on 27th July 2010 at the Underwater Research Society (SAD) Ankara Office with the participation of Cem Orkun Kıraç, Ozan Veryeri, Eren Özden and Semiha Demirbaş from SAD as of Gökova ICMM Project Team, SAD General Secretary Serpil Kozludere, the concerned specialists and planners and from Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas (EPASA), Emrah Manap, Dilek Meral Erden, Sibel Meriç, and Ayhan Toprak from Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas – Köyceğiz Directorate.

General information about the project, the activities carried out so far and the current position of the project was presented by the project manager, Ozan Veryeri, at the beginning of the meeting. GIS infrastructure of the project was shared with the participants by GIS

expert, Semiha Demirbaş.


The data obtained under the subjects of boat yards, fishing port, living-breeding habitats of the Mediterranean monk seal, sandbar sharks, birds and sea otters, no-take zones, fishing zones, anchoring areas for yachts and daily boat trips, areas of use for water sports  were presented and the opinions for these subjects were shared mutually.

The table of activities currently carried out and with the possibility of implementation in Gökova Bay, prepared by Gökova project team, was presented to the participants during the meeting as comprising the related marine and coastal utilizations and the spatial usage decisions of these activities.