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Monk seal pup rescued in Aydıncık, Mersin, Türkiye

A monk seal pup was found on the beach of Aydıncık, a small town west of Mersin, on 5.11.2010 by locals, who reported the incident via our AFBIKA program (Mediterranean Seal Information & Rescue Network) to Mehmet Sarı, the SAD-AFAG representative in the region, at around 08:00 hours. The pup was observed closely on and off at the same location throughout the day. It wandered away, disappeared and returned to the beach on several occasions, though no mother could be observed. On 6.11.2010, the SAD-AFAG rescue team arrived at 07:50 to find the pup on the same beach. Its overall health was good, with no signs of dehydration or apparent physical injury.