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Cave Diving and Encounter With Mediterranean Monk Seal

Dear sea lovers,

Lets  dive into a popular issue in terms of nature conservation that has not been widely discussed. We are in the high season and diving activities have already started. Diving, whether for sports or entertainment or scientific purposes, become very popular in the country nowadays.

Two monk seal pups to be released

After having a rehab period of total 105 days, i.e. 3,5 months, two monk seal pups to be released on 2nd April 2011 along the pristine and remote coasts between Gazipaşa (Antalya) and Anamur (Mersin). The release area is among the 17 Important Monk Seal Sites in Türkiye as also accepted by National Monk Seal Committee member organizations coordinated by Turkish Ministry of Environment & Forest. The release shall be jointly realized by Ministry of Environment & Forest and its Izmir Province Directorate, Turkish Coast Guard and SAD-AFAG.

Two new orphan pups under rehab in Foça, Türkiye

Coast Guard Command and Gendarmery have informed SAD-AFAG about two monk seal (Monachus monachus) pups in 18th December 2010 from Bozyazı region, Mersin and Kas region, Antalya respectively. Meanwhile Mehmet Sarı has informed Ministry of Environment & Forest Mersin District Directorate about the seal pup found in Bozyazı. Upon arrival of SAD-AFAG rescue team on the sites, at 24.00 hours in 18th December and 03.30 hours in 19th December, both seals are met and first interventions were made succesfully by Vet Avni Gök, Ayhan Tonguç and Erkin Tonguç providing ORS. Ministry of Environment staff including a Vet assisted the transport of Mersin seal until Kemer town of Antalya to save time to meet SAD-AFAG rehab team on the half way as well as assisting the ORS application for the pups (see the map below). It is considered that the heavy storm happened in 15th December in the Mediterranean part of Türkiye may cause the seperation of mothers and pups who were found in the same day, 18th December. Both pups are female and estimated as 15-20 days old when they were found on site.

Monk seal pup rescued in Aydıncık, Mersin, Türkiye

A monk seal pup was found on the beach of Aydıncık, a small town west of Mersin, on 5.11.2010 by locals, who reported the incident via our AFBIKA program (Mediterranean Seal Information & Rescue Network) to Mehmet Sarı, the SAD-AFAG representative in the region, at around 08:00 hours. The pup was observed closely on and off at the same location throughout the day. It wandered away, disappeared and returned to the beach on several occasions, though no mother could be observed. On 6.11.2010, the SAD-AFAG rescue team arrived at 07:50 to find the pup on the same beach. Its overall health was good, with no signs of dehydration or apparent physical injury.

Captive dolphins rescued from Fethiye

Underwater Research Society (SAD)


20th September 2010


Two bottlenose dolphins, which have been kept in concrete pools for a long time for recreational purposes, were taken from the owners and moved to Gökova for rehabilitation by means of sea and land transportation on 5th September, 2010.