Assessment of Karaburun Passenger Port Construction


Underwater Research Society – Mediterranean Monk Seal Group (SAD-AFAG) is assigned on the date of October 15th 2009 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to give opinion about possible environmental effects of the port construction project which will be executed by DLH İzmir Transportation Regional Directorate in Karaburun Arslan Cape, Mimoza Bay.

SAD-AFAG is improving its knowledge and experiences on “Coastal and Marine Areas Management and Planning” and increasing its capacity as being an organization executing international projects in corporation with scientists and related Ministries in this context. Karaburun Peninsula is highly recognized by SAD-AFAG whereby ongoing monitoring and research studies carrying on about Mediterranean Monk Seal and coastal and marine areas since 1991. Additionally scientific experts of the group took active role on the field studies and documentation works in “Mediterranean Monk Seal Monitoring and Conservation in Karaburun Peninsula Project” in the final half of 2009. In consideration of these actual and distinctive background information, the group considered to bring its opinions about environmental effects of the port together with possible socio-cultural, economic effects and coastal-marine security to the attention of the authorities and evaluated its convenience under the date of November 3th 2009.

The port project to be constructed in Arslanburnu will be comprised of 220 m. long dock, 80 m. long – 10 m. width landing-stage and 51 m. long additional dock. Two 20 m. long slopes will be constructed on the edges of the adjacent dock to ensure passengers and vehicles evacuation from ships.  Landing-stage will be formed by bored pile system and back stage and dock will be constructed by sealant and side-piles. Ships with the capacity of 20 vehicles and 250 passengers will cruise on the route between İzmir Konak – Foça – Mordoğan – Karaburun.  Dredging won’t be performed due to the convenience of the ground for the construction and don’t hold any characteristics of liquidization. Land filling area will be approximately 9. 500 m2 and water depth is around 0-6 meters in the area. It’s seen that 5 meters fill height will be enough as result of addition average 3 meters water depth and +2 meters dock height above sea level. According these values, it’s calculated that 47.500 m3 coastal fill will be done at the end of the project.

Our conviction on the advantages to be gained in context of the development of Karaburun by means of the investments oriented to seafaring are indicated clearly in the report and brought to the attention of official authorities. In case of the port construction come to realize, the species under protection with national and international regulations under negative interaction with the port and the species classified as endangered species according to IUCN citerias such as Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus)  and Sea grasses (Posidonia oceanica) will come into prominence. Claimed interactions, solid proofs and references are brought to the attention of official authorities as well.

The restoration and structural revision of Saipaltı Port pointed out within the report to solidify our organizational goodwill and fair positive view on seafaring in this context. It’s determined that this alternative solution will have fewer effects on the Mediterranean Monk Seals and Sea grasses and will have social and economic contributions to the region as well. The efforts and actions are continuing toward the construction of the port in Arslan Cape in contrast to its conserved environment and despite all of the scientific data and alternative solutions suggested. Additionally some unconfirmed information received about the efforts to acquit port from the context of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).

We have an intent motivation in monitoring this process with deep concern and take legal actions if it’s required. We observe the plastic deformation of the clean and pristine costs as a disaster as a result of wrong planning decisions and finally eliminate main reasons of the people to visit these exceptional costs such as Karaburun. We believe that the restoration of Saipaltı Port with fewer costs and fewer natural destruction will create homogeneity in the development of local economy and will highly match up with the principle of mindfully consumption of the national resources. SAD-AFAG is currently completing its preliminary studies to apply to court in case construction preparation starts .

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Animation of the port planning to be constructed on Arslan Cape. (Drawn as an outline, not a technical drawing)

Healthy posidonia grasses (Posidonia oceanica) in and around Arslan Cape in Karaburun.

The coastline and beach in Karaburun Mimoza Bay, which is currently open to the public use.