Dusky Grouper and White Grouper Fishery Banned Completely for 4 Years 

Fishing and underwater hunting of the Dusky grouper Ephinephelus marginatus and White grouper Ephinephelus aeneus to be banned completely for 4 years in between 2016-2020, as proposed by ASOF, AMATÖR SAD, GELBALDER and SAD.

In the same context of proposals to new Aqua Products Circular, Underwater Research Society (SAD, Ankara) also proposed together with other relevant NGOs such as Recreational Underwater Hunters Society (AMATÖR SAD, İzmir), Development of Artisanal Fishery Society (GELBALDER, İstanbul) and Recreational & Sports Line Fishery Federation (ASOF, Ankara), prohibition of fishing the two demersal fish species; Dusky grouper Ephinephelus marginatus and White grouper Ephinephelus aeneus, whose stocks have been heavily depleted in Turkish seas. After the publication of this new Circular article, several other scientists and NGOs in Türkiye have made support declarations to the complete fishing ban of these two species for 4 years.

4:2 List of Banned Fishes 2016-2020

Article 7 of the Aqua Product Circular published in 13.08.2016 showing the list of the species completely banned including newly added Dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus and White grouper Epinephelus aeneus.

DG Fishery and Aquparoducts (BSÜ GM) has accepted the proposal and these two demersal fishes are included in the species list of completely banned fishery for the next 4 years period between 2016 and 2020. It is believed that one of the best ways to suppress the increasing populations of Lessepsian species and invasive aquatic species along the Turkish coasts of the Levant Sea and the Aegean Sea is to help recover the populations of originally dwelling species such as groupers, sea bass, sea bream and dentex etc. Supporting marine ecosystems in an holistic approach will surely have positive impact on the conservation of endangered predator species such as monk seal and sea turtles and shark species.

Cem O. Kıraç & N. Ozan Veryeri SAD-AFAG

17 August 2016, Ankara



balik Epinephelus marginatus

Dusky grouper Ephinephelus marginatus



Foto 15 epi_aen_3072_1

White grouper Ephinephelus aeneus