Gökova ICMM Project “Farmer Stakeholders Meeting” Completed


Stakeholders Problem Analysis Meetings” will be held on 5th – 8th December 2009 in Gökova, Akyaka District as project area within Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area Integrated Marine and Coastal Management Planning Project carrying on by BBI Matra foundation and SAD-AFAG in corporation with EPASA, MARA, Eurosite, Rubicon.

“Stakeholders Problem Analysis Meetings” within Gökova SEPA Integrated Marine and Coastal Management Planning Project are completed on 8th December 2009 Tuesday with “Farmers Stakeholders Meeting” as fourth assembly.

Mr. Ayhan Toprak (MoEF, EPASA, Muğla Directorate), local farmers,  Gökova Akyaka Lovers Association Headman, former municipality parliament members, Gökova Farmers Cooperative Headman and SAD-AFAG project team is contributed to the meeting. Meeting is coordinated by Bahar Suseven and SAD-AFAG Gökova Project Manager N. Ozan Veryeri and Project Assistant Eren Özden.

“Gökova Stakeholders Problem Analysis Meeting” is implemented together with 21 personal or representative participants from different relevant stakeholder groups related in utilization and/or constitution of Gökova Integrated Marine and Coastal Management Planning.  In the invitation and participation of sectoral representatives, it is considered to represent different parts of the project area covering whole Gökova SEPA Area.

After welcoming speech of Project Manager N. Ozan Veryeri,  project introductory information is shared with the participants and Project Informal Document is distributed. Contextual and implementative differences between previous projects conducted on the region and current Gökova Integrated Marine and Coastal Management Planning Project are explained to the participants. Meeting content and problem tree technique as the used methodology are explained to the participants. Problems within “Agriculture” sector in SEPA Area are equally and impartially collected from participants with the designated method. In problem analysis part of the meeting, collected problems are placed on the board anontmously, grouped according their connection and problem analysis diagram took its final version after all participants expressed their opinions and comments on the pinned issues.

At the end of the meeting, general problems of the local “Farmers and Agriculturists” are seen on the sticky board by all of the participants, project partners and project team.

Project Stakeholder Problem Analysis Meetings are completed with “Farmers and Agriculturists” stakeholders group assembly on 8 December 2009  in Gökova, Center.