SAD-AFAG is placed in the mile-stones of environmental history

SAD-AFAG was recorded in the nature conservation history in Turkey by National Geographic Turkey magazine April 2020 issue published in Turkish. 

National Geographic Türkiye April 2020 issue has published a special article on the mile stone facts and achievements in the last 50 years of the world environmental history from 1970 until 2020. For Turkey, the year 1987 was marked for the initiation of monk seal conservation in Turkish coasts, which says “In the year of 1987, Mediterranean monk seal conservation studies were initiated by Underwater Research Society (Sualtı Araştırmaları Derneği) as an NGO, which continue in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment in Türkiye.”

Being a non-governmental organization dedicated for the conservation of endangered monk seals and their habitats, SAD-AFAG completed around 50 projects and expeditions in 33 years period along Turkish coasts littoral to the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean Sea and the Levant Sea in the Mediterranean.

Such a nomination encourages us further to boost our efforts for the conservation of marine & coastal biological diversity along Turkish coasts.

50 Yıllık İlerleme, 50 Yıllık Hasar