Support Conservation of Monk Seals

Support Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation in Turkey

SAD-AFAG has been working on the conservation of endangered Mediterranean monk seals and habitats along Turkish coasts since 1987 through field research, threats analysis, habitat protection and lobbying activities.

We have concrete achievements along Turkish shores throughout years including;

–       determination of monk seal habitats, seal caves and monk seal distribution

–       estimation of monk seal population in the country

–       protection of several coastal habitats against coastal developments

–       rescue and rehabilitation of young and pup monk seals

–       mitigation of tension between fishermen and monk seals

–       revision of legislation in favor of Mediterranean monk seals and marine ecosystems

–       oil pollution clean-up in monk seal habitats

Your support will make SAD-AFAG stronger and more resilient to continue our efforts.



Bank name                  : Deniz Bank

Account Holder           : Sualti Arastirmalari Dernegi (SAD)

IBAN                            : TR16 0013 4000 0023 3668 5000 02