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Conservation of Monk Seal in Turkey Project Finalized (2019-2020)

The “Conservation of Monk Seal in Turkey” project funded by MAVA and implemented under the coordination of IUCN Med has been finalized. The results of the project will be published and shared with the public in early March 2021.

Defence KBA Book Published

Underwater Research Society has published “Defence and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas Along Turkish Coasts” as one of the outcomes of the project with the same name, which was cari out between April 2015 and December 2019.

2 monk seal multiple sighting at Yalıkavak, Bodrum Peninsula

2 monk seals were observed at a time and documented along Yalıkavak coasts, NW Bodrum Peninsula in 28 July 2017. This rare observation proves once again that Yalıkavak and Küdür Peninsula coasts are still important to Mediterranean monk seals along Turkish coasts.

The illegal housing development has been stopped in Foça SEPA

E-35-Foça-HT01  An housing together with a pavilion built on the rocky coasts on the southwest coast of Orak Island in Foça was determined by SAD in June 2016. With this such a bad example, Orak Island became a kind of open to risks of coastal development by any other individual.